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FLV Player is a super app for HD video

The world of media playback and especially video playback is constantly evolving. Every so often you’ll get a movie which has a file extension you don’t recognize and more are appearing all the time, as developers find new ways to make videos. Playing all these file types requires the most recent software, such as the highly capable FLV Player by Ice Cube Soft. This player can cover a wide range of file types while still being smooth and easy to use, putting it above many of the alternatives.

Fast, lightweight video!

The name ‘FLV Player’ is a reference to the FLV media format, though in this case it actually stands for Fast, Lightweight Video. The name rings true as still player has a very modest install size and still manages to pack in a ton of features and codecs. Codecs are the instructions that determine how a video is compiled and formatted, so when a recent video type fails to play, it’s usually down to a missing codec. This app includes a host of codecs by default to combat these issues, plus it can play a big range of file extensions: LV, MKV, VOB, TS, MPG, MP4 and many more. The player also supports subtitles, both embedded and external files, which is invaluable for foreign movies or those with hearing difficulties. This app is notable for working on a wide range of devices too, including PCs, phones and tablets, so it’s a great solution for various problems.

Highly capable and easy to usec

This app is a good choice for those who want reliability and all the key features a video player should have. FLV Player even has GPU hardware optimization, which is important when watching on mobile devices, as it will drastically reduce battery consumption. Using the app is very straightforward, thanks to a very simple tile layout and quick library, plus the ability to make visual playlists from movie thumbnails. The controls are displayed as large, square icons that you really can’t miss, with quick buttons for subtitles, volume, screen size and more. The app also has the useful feature of remembering where you left off with your videos. Though there have been concerns about app stability, this seems to be limited to less powerful devices and updates are being released consistently.

Not revolutionary, but a very good video player.

FLV Player will not astound you with new features that you’ve never seen before, but it does contain everything you need and does its job well. The wide range of supported file types is a huge boon, especially for mobile users with limited storage space, as newer codecs allow video files to be much smaller. Playback is usually very smooth, with hardly any stuttering. With subtitle support, HD playback and multi-device capabilities, this should be your one-stop movie player.


  • Supports several codecs and file types
  • Easy to use controls
  • Subtitles and last-known position support
  • Smooth playback on powerful devices


  • Nothing new here, just the standard features you expect
  • A little buggy on some devices

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